January Member Newsletter

Dear Member

Another year has started, and while many of us made New Year resolutions, statistics suggest that over half of us and our resolutions have already been broken.

So, if you’re starting to feel guilty (or even if you’re feeling virtuous!), how about adding a resolution that is easy to keep.  Make this the year that you truly do connect with your friends and family and prepare for life’s uncertain future.

We’ll wager there are more people than those already in your  LifeLinker contact list you’d like to keep up-to-date with, and who in turn are interested in you!

Have you tried bulk-importing all the entries in your email address books?

This is remarkably quick and easy to do, and then you can quickly sort through the entries, deciding who you wish to add as contacts and which email addresses are irrelevant.

This is the best way to make sure you’re connected with the people in your life.

The Magic of Lists

Once you’ve added your contacts, you can then use the Lists feature.  Create lists, and add each of your contacts to as many of the lists as you wish.  Maybe you have one list for work colleagues, another for old school friends, and so on.

With these lists, you can subsequently send one-off emailed letters to your lists whenever you choose, and you can also prepare final notes to be sent to them in the future when you ultimately pass and an Agent (see our suggestion below!) updates your account to reflect that.

Any questions?  Here’s a good page to start from in the help files that tells you more about Lists and how to get best benefit from them, and of course, we’re always here and happy to help.

Until next month, stay warm!

David and your LifeLinker team.

December Member Newsletter

Dear member

We hope you’re enjoying the pre-Christmas season and getting all your shopping done with a minimum of fuss.

Are we missing the whole ‘buzz’ of the ‘Christmas spirit’ by avoiding the chaotic crush of shopping malls, and instead, calmly buying on Amazon?  Maybe we are, but even if it is to be ‘bah humbug’ for us, we must confess we like avoiding most of these seasonal shopping hassles.  🙂

On a more positive note, and also involving no fuss or hassle on your part, we have some wonderful Christmas gifts to give you.  Have you visited your LifeLinker account recently?  Notice anything new?

We have launched two exciting new features that give you a closer and ‘warmer’ connection to the friends, family, and other people you connect with.

The first of these is on the top right of every page.  You can now create your own personal ‘mood message’ – you can select from a series of ’emoticon’ style icons, and type in a personal mood message/statement.  Maybe there’s something you would have liked to share around the time of the election (ooops – dangerous ground!), maybe you want to share a seasonal message of goodwill, maybe something interesting has happened in your life, and so on.

Now, with this new feature, you can do so, any time you wish.

Okay, so that is kinda nice, isn’t it.  But how do your contacts know when you update your mood message?  Sure, they’ll see your chosen emoticon alongside your entry in their contact list, but how do they know you’ve made a change?

That brings us to our second feature.  Look now on the right side of your ‘dashboard’ – the page you arrive at when signing into LifeLinker.  Yes, a ‘New In Your Network’ panel to show you what your contacts are up to.  For example, if they’ve a birthday coming up (you have entered your own DoB, haven’t you?) you’ll be given a chance to send them a birthday wish.  If they’ve added new friends to their contacts, you’ll be told of this – maybe you know the friends, and so you can also add them.  For sure, if they update/change their mood message, that too will appear.

Similarly, your own updates will now display in the same panel on your contacts’ dashboards, too.

We’ll guess that many members will have a fairly bare and empty ‘New In Your Network’ panel to start with.  So, why not now add some more contacts, so you can share with them your various updates and events, and in turn, receive the same from them.  We also suggest you upload a profile picture, too – this makes your own entries in your contacts’ lists and ‘New In Your Network’ updates more personal and easier to recognize.

Well, this is it for 2016 from us.  It surely has been a great year, seeing LifeLinker take form and function, and now available for you and all your friends to use.

We’ll be back again in the new year, and until then, let’s all make a New Year’s Resolution – and start acting on it right now :  To get more value and use from our LifeLinker memberships!

As always, please let us know if we can help you with LifeLinker, or if you have ideas and suggestions for how we can make LifeLinker better for you.

Very best wishes

David and your LifeLinker team.

November Member Newsletter

Dear member

I hope you had a great Halloween, and that your trick or treatsters didn’t include any ‘scary clowns’ (a phenomenon that is another example of how strange the world is becoming!).

I spent 31 Oct in New Zealand, a country which until recently did not observe Halloween at all, but these days, the chance for retailers to sell costumes and candy, and the desire by kids to enjoy both, is seeing it slowly spread and become more common ‘downunder’ as well as in the US.

Here at LifeLinker, we’ve hopefully few or no tricks, and, instead, some lovely new treats for you.  Please keep reading for more about this, and we hope you find it as exciting as we do to see LifeLinker continuing to grow and evolve.

Another New LifeLinker Feature

Next time you visit your ‘dashboard’ (LifeLinker home page) you’ll notice that some of your listed contacts now have little circles with numbers inside them alongside their names.

This only appears alongside the names of fellow LifeLinker members, and shows how many people they have in their network.  And, of course, in turn, people will see a circle and number showing your network size alongside your name on their list of contacts, too.  So why not add a few more people to your network today – this article explains the various easy ways you can do this – either on the LifeLinker site itself, or by simply forwarding emails from people you’d like to add as contacts or Agents to contacts@lifelinker.com and Agents@LifeLinker.com.

You can read more about this new feature here.

Free LifeLinker Collectable Pen – Last Weeks

Don’t forget the opportunity to receive one or more of our first ever logo/branded collectable pens with the whimsical slogan on it.  What does the slogan say?  You’ll have to get a pen to find out, but it is sure to be a slogan you’ll not forget after seeing it!  We still have pens remaining, and you still have two weeks to enter to win.

Full details of the competition can be read in last month’s newsletter (here’s an archived copy if you can’t find the original email) but basically all you need to do is get three or more activated Agents in your network.

Suggestions for November

Helpful Hint :  Organize your contacts into lists (groups).  Have one list (or group, if you prefer the term) for close family members, another for more distant relations, a list for work colleagues, another for old school friends, for nearby neighbors, and so on, as many as you wish.

That way you can pre-write valedictory letters to be selectively sent to each list when you pass, and customized for the people on the list.  Plus, whenever you choose before that time, you can send updates and news about what is happening to you, selectively to just the people on one (or more) of your lists, rather than sending the same thing to all your contacts.

After all, the people in your sports club might not be interested in your work related news, and your neighbors mightn’t be interested in the planning for a school reunion.

Click the Lists option at the top of any LifeLinker page to explore this useful feature and to get it working for you.  This page tells you more about creating lists, and this page tells you about sending letters to your contacts.  And remember, we’re here to directly help you any time you need assistance.

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving (if in the US) and that the election gives you something to be thankful for (which I guess it will for just over half the country).  We’ll be back again at the beginning of December.

David and your LifeLinker team.

New Feature : Network Size Badge

Next time you visit your LifeLinker home page, you might notice a new thing alongside the names of your contacts who are also LifeLinker members.


We’ve highlighted it in the screen shot above.  A ‘badge’ that displays the number of contacts in each person’s network.  Not the most earth-shattering of additions, perhaps, but you might find it interesting.  We certainly do.

Of course, in turn, when people who have you as a contact now look at their own dashboard/homepage, they’ll see a badge alongside your name too.  So, yes, why not add a couple more contacts to your network right now, to make your own badged network count more impressive!

A couple of explanations.  For the people who have not also joined LifeLinker, there’s no badge.  And for the ‘over achievers’ in our midst – ie, those of us with over 99 contacts – we simply show “99” in their badge.

We hope you enjoy this new informational feature.  As always, let us know if there is anything else you’d like us to add or change.  We’re here to help and keen to make LifeLinker as useful for you as possible.

October Member Newsletter

Dear Member

It is a great pleasure to have you as a member of our growing LifeLinker family.  Thank you for joining.

This is the first of what will be monthly newsletters from us, your Member Support Team, keeping you up to date with your Membership and how to best use LifeLinker.

As you probably know, we’re in the process of early open beta testing.  You and your fellow LifeLinker members are giving us lots of helpful feedback and suggestions about how we can make the system work better for you – thank you.  We’ve adopted several of these already (including this new monthly newsletter).  Please keep telling us how we can improve further.

We have two pieces of news to share with you this month – a great new LifeLinker feature, and a competition that everyone can win.

1.  Great New LifeLinker Feature

We’re making small tweaks and improvements to LifeLinker all the time, and occasionally, we release big new features that we’re really proud of and keen to tell you about.

We think you’ll love this new feature.  It is a great new way to grow your network of contacts – the people you share news and updates with, the lifeblood of your LifeLinker membership.

You have always been able to add contacts to your network one by one, by simply typing in their first name and email address on the Import/Add Contacts Page.  For faster creation of multiple contacts, you can also bulk import all the email addresses in your Gmail or iCloud or Yahoo/AOL/Microsoft/etc address books, then choose which ones you want to add to your network and which ones aren’t relevant or appropriate.  We have a help page that shows you how to do these things.

Now, for the new way.  Any time you get an email from anyone who you think would be good to add as a contact, or who you might wish to appoint as another of your Agents (the people who can manage your account in your absence, or if/when you should pass), all you need to do now is to simply forward the email to contacts@lifelinker.com or agents@lifelinker.com and the system will automatically do everything else for you.

How easy is that!  The system works out who you are and who you wish to add, and does it for you.  There’s no need for any extra covering note at all.  Just forward emails to these automatic addresses and let the system do all the rest.

(And, don’t worry, the contents of the email remain private – no-one ever gets to read it and the email is only on our system for a couple of seconds while being processed, then is deleted.

2.  A Competition Everyone Can Win

This is a great competition – everyone can win, and all you have to do to win is something you should be doing anyway.

It is important that you appoint multiple Agents to manage your account if (or, eventually, when) you are unable to do so yourself.  All your contacts are relying on your Agents to send them timely advice of such events.

We urge everyone to have at least two Agents, and recommend they should have plenty more.  That way, if one Agent is out of town and out of contact, another Agent has computer problems, and a third Agent is in some other way not able to respond quickly, a fourth Agent would still be available if/when they were needed.

So, here’s our competition.  If you appoint three or more Agents, between now and 15 November, then we’ll send you something that might one day become a rare and valuable collector’s item – a nice pen with the LifeLinker logo and some tongue-in-cheek text on it; one pen for every Agent that you add, up to a maximum of seven.

Three rules – first, your Agents must of course accept your request to become Agents for you, and in turn have at least two Agents to look after their account (you could be one of the two).  Second, if you live outside the US you can still participate, but if you win, we ask you to pay the postage costs to get the pens to you.  And third, supplies of pens are limited (we have less than 1000) so the sooner you send in a claim, the more certain you are to be awarded some pens.

Simply send an email to support@lifelinker.com telling us when you want to claim your prize.  Make sure you have your address in your profile so we know where to send your pens.

We’ll be back just after Halloween with your November newsletter, meantime, please get in touch with us any time if we can help.

David and your LifeLinker team.

New Feature : Add Contacts and Agents by Email Forwarding

The value and benefit you get from LifeLinker is directly proportional to the size of your LifeLinker network.  The more Agents you have, the better managed and up-to-date your account status is likely to be, and the more people you share information and updates with, the better connected you are with the people you wish to be kept ‘in the loop’ with.

So we’re always looking for new ways to make it easy, and to make it easier, for you to grow your LifeLinker network.  Most of us have hundreds of people we are connected with on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever other social networks we belong to, and it is realistic to expect your LifeLinker network could and should grow to a similar extent.  But none of us want to create that sort of network ‘by hand’, typing in emails and names, one by one!

The best existing way to quickly grow your network is to bulk import all your email addresses from your email services such as Apple/iOS/iCloud, or Google/Gmail/Android, or Yahoo and so on.  You then can sort through the imported addresses and decide who to make into contacts and which to ignore.  The great thing about this process is you never need to type in names and email addresses by hand.

And now for our new way.  Drum roll, please!

Any time you’re reading through your emails and find an email from someone who you think you should add as a contact or Agent, now you can add them, directly from your email.  There’s no need to log in to LifeLinker.  All you have to do is forward their email – either to Contacts@LifeLinker.com or to Agents@LifeLinker.com.  The system does everything for you – you don’t even need to add a comment, or anything.

The system automatically recognizes you, puzzles out who sent you the email, adds them as requested, and sends you a note to confirm it has done so.  Oh – and don’t worry about the privacy of your emails.  No ‘real person’ ever sees them, and the system quickly deletes them as soon as it has added the person to your network as requested.  But, if that is indeed a concern, be sure to delete any attachments and most of the email that you forward – just send the first bit with the person’s name and email in it.

New Feature : Contact Notes

In response to a suggestion on our User Forum, we’ve added a great new feature to LifeLinker that you’re sure to like and hopefully find useful.

You can now add notes to each of your users – maybe additional information about how to contact them, or other information such as their dog’s name, or whatever else you want to keep a note about.  This information is totally private to you, so you can record whatever you wish!

There are two main places you can add, read, change, or delete your notes.  The most common place would be on your dashboard.


As you can see, there is now a little picture of a note as part of the icons alongside each of your contacts.  Simply click the icon to open up your note editor and write whatever you like.


When you’ve added a note about one of your contacts, you’ll notice that the little ‘note’ icon has now changed to green, so you know that there is a note now saved about that contact.


You can also access your notes about your contacts when viewing their profiles.

We hope this will be a helpful new feature, and please give us any ideas or suggestions for additional features we can offer.  We’re keen to make LifeLinker as helpful to you as possible.

New Feature : Contact Icons

Our usability testing has already uncovered a couple of opportunities to provide additional information about each of your contacts, to help you better identify them and to better understand the nature of the relationships between you and them.

We are adding two new icon groups alongside each person’s name on your dashboard display of your contacts, and will extend these icons to other places where contacts are displayed subsequently.

The first icon group shows the person’s gender.  For example, if you’re looking for Jane Smith, and see an entry for J Smith, noting that J Smith is a woman might help you identify this as being Jane rather than her brother, John.  In addition to the two classical symbols for male and female, we’re also recognizing the preferences of a small but vocal number of people who wish not to adopt a classical gender definition, and so have a third symbol to allow such people to have full freedom of expression too.

The second icon group shows the person’s membership status.  Is your contact a fellow LifeLinker Member?  We have – sort of – four icon choices here.  One is ‘no icon’ which means ‘this person is not and never has been a LifeLinker member’.

The icon we hope you’ll see the most of is to show the person as a fellow Member.  We also have a black icon to indicate a deceased former contact, and an icon with a stroke through it – an icon we hope you’ll never see – to indicate a former LifeLinker Member who resigned their membership.

You can see all three gender and membership icons in this screen grab.  I’ve highlighted them in the screen shot, but of course, they won’t be highlighted on your dashboard.

Capture 2

Please keep sending in your suggestions and comments about how we can in turn continue to develop and improve your LifeLinker Membership experience.